@vf #233

@vf #233


I know that :

We’ve been watching cells move (or not move) in embryos for a long, long time. There are no vortices of cell movement centering around the navel. Period.

Your model claim four counterrotating vortices centered around the navel. You failed to make your point by simply displaying them, since August 18, 2007 when I first tried to understand how those vortices could specify the limbs fields, as you also claim. That I know.

That’s a minor point concerning your model and your claims that :

The pattern of tetrapods exist in the platonician space of forms, just like the sphere. You can write its essence without evolutionnary arguments.

But it makes clear how you deal with reality, through the distorting lens of what boils down as an ideological a priori.

Your paper contain other examples of this particular behavior. Including inexistent data driven conclusions. Falsely reported results of colleagues. Imaginary correlations. Etc. How much do you think it takes for someone to decide to not take you seriously anymore? IMO you crossed the threshold by several orders of magnitude, several times.

It’s so easy to prove you wrong that I suspect the only support you can get is through ideologically related people (this includes Jean Staune, the “neolamarckian structuralist neo-creationist approaches from our local, Templeton Foundation supported, anti-Darwin bigot I was talking about”) or your Ecole Polytechnique centered network.
My guess: you will get more and more of the first type and less and less of the second one if you persist to follow your actual line of conduct.

You continuously and mostly inappropriately use the words “misconduct” and “defamatory“. I wonder how you qualify your way to deal with scientific critics by trying to silence them: by addressing their boss, or trying to shut down their blog (in my case), or threatening to sue them, instead of proving your point of view as one could expect from a scientist.

You sent, some time ago, an e-mail to my boss, hoping to silence me. Your message went down the drain (his computer’s trash actually) after he sent me a copy; which you didn’t judged convenient to do.
You have done the same for PZ Myers and people laugh at you and that’s the normal way things go, fortunately.
Maybe sometime you will learn that the hierarchical superiors may interfere with stuff on the web servers of the university, or letters with their lab’s address but not any private activity of their staff. You should have addressed your letter to the Scienceblogs editor, not the dean of the UMM.

In the past you have tried to distort what was said concerning your model and made me publish part of private messages to prove you wrong. You have also tried to rephrase what I have said, to make it sound favorable to your claims. You have done that again in your recent comment I’m answering here:

In addition, you aggregate with Mr Oldcola, who knows perfectly well that tehre are vortices.

I really don’t appreciate this and if you continue on the same line I’ll reconsider the proposal of Nerd of Redhead to contact your superiors at the MSC lab and university. Not to make it stop by asking them to use their authority, just to be sure that your cercle vertueux des laboratoires is aware of the kind of person you are and the way you act.

I’ll put my appreciation of your hypothesis and your ideological drives, clearly stated here, so you will be able in the future to link to it – using one of your favorite expressions:

bullshit; a big pile of stinking bullshit

and this applies particularly to your cteappv paper. The editorial board of EPJ should be ashamed to have accept it for publication.

Hope that this is clear enough. Grab the URL and use it as necessary.

Your comments always welcome will be published after copy was sent to Dr di Meglio.

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