Oops 090614#2

Negative misexpression of Tbx5 [56]1 leads to a massive reduction of lateral plate in the forelimb area, and complete absence of the forelimb in the newborn, Figure 10.

I really struggled trying to imagine what could be a “negative misexpression of Tbx5” and what would be “a massive reduction of lateral plate“.

Not even able to copy/paste correctly? From [56] fig 4 legend (figure 10 of cteappv, upper panel):

Fig. 4. Limb outgrowth is disrupted following misexpression of dominant-negative Tbx5 in the chick wing bud. Scanning electron micrographs of (A) control and (B) dominant-negative Tbx5 (Tbx5Δ) injected limb buds at stage 20 show a dramatic reduction in limb size after Tbx5Δ misexpression.

I also had a hard time to understand why it was so important to note: “But still, there is a lateral plate“, with emphasis. Now I see and it’s really, really, funny 😀 I’ll keep it for later, say section 7.4.

1. Tbx5 is required for forelimb bud formation and continued outgrowth, Charalampos Rallis, Benoit G. Bruneau, Jo Del Buono, Christine E. Seidman, J. G. Seidman, Sahar Nissim, Clifford J. Tabin and Malcolm P. O. Logan, Development 130, 2741-2751 (2003), doi: 10.1242/dev.00473


3 Responses

  1. “But still, there is a lateral plate“, section 7.4 and the new banner…
    Are you planning to let the mystery hang around ’till august 18?

    • Hey, that’s nice idea, but I would like to finish with that stuff sooner.

      But no need to hurry things, they can always retract it, and burry it deep in the tundra, the pdf is available and will remain available.

  2. You should speed up the process or they will retract the paper and yoy will lose your “base”. No need to go through the entire paper, this one remark is a “killer”.
    Oh la la, we wouldn’t like to be at the editorial board of the journal.

    Good job Tonio.

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