Titles mismatches

Titles mismatches1

While the title of the paper in the front page is “Clarifying tetrapod embryogenesis, a physicist’s point of view” the headings are “V. Fleury: Clarifying tetrapod embryogenesis, the physics point of view

Lousy proof-reading. Quite informative result.

Let me guess: Fleury titled “the physics point of view” willing to be backed by his peers and his discipline, but the editor moderated to “a physicist’s point of view” avoiding to engage the discipline’s reputation on the point of view of one person; and an ill informed one as it goes.
Well done, but plenty of errors persist, in the heading and in the text.

1. [update 12/06/09] Just saw that in Fleury’s Web site, on the page announcing the paper and providing a short version in french, the title is “Clarifying tetrapod embryogenesis and evolution, a physicist’s point of view, Vincent Fleury, à paraître“. Evolution disappeared in the final title.
That’s a nice move as Fleury isn’t dealing correctly with evolution in the paper.


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