I was wrong

Well, I was dead wrong in fact, when a few weeks ago I was writing:

What embryology textbooks our physicist have consulted that doesn’t give the origin of the mesoderm and the subdivisions of the mesodermal plate to paraxial, intermediary and lateral? He should give us the name(s) of the book(s) to avoid it(them).

Seems that Fleury have read from Gilbert’s “Developmental Biology, which he reference [111].

This is certainly not a book to avoid, and on that I was dead wrong.

Now, the question may be changed to: How it comes that he read the book and “found it impossible [his emphasis] to find where the lateral plates come from”? And don’t forget to visit fig 15.1.

It’s a very important/interesting question as the origin of the lateral plate mesoderm seems to be a great and important mystery for our physicist.


2 Responses

  1. Should he study gastrulation?

    By the way, none of us like your header, you should change it for something less graphic

  2. I’ll consider the banner design, I intended to change it for each section anyway. Maybe an attractive tetrapod?

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