Oops 090523

Oops 090523
It’s being a long time since the last Oops!

In mammals, there are four clusters named Hoxa, Hoxb, Hoxc, Hoxd corresponding to up to 13 groups of genes, instead of the unique cluster of 8 genes of the fly.

Well, that’s always two Hox cluster of Drosophila, and the new Oops! is for that “13 groups of genes“.

I wondered where that bogus sentence originated; it’s probably a teratogenic memetic mutation of Maintenance of functional equivalence during paralogous Hox gene evolution:

This concept is exemplified by the mammalian Hox gene complex, a group of 39 genes which are located on 4 linkage groups, dispersed on 4 chromosomes. The evolution of this complex began with amplification in cis of a primordial Hox gene to produce 13 members, followed by duplications in trans of much of the entire unit.

but as the paper of Greer et al isn’t cited I had some difficulties to spot it.

Well, that’s 13 genes, not 13 groups of genes, anyway.

The referees didn’t spotted this one, neither. The more I read the less I think a biologist read the paper before publishing.


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