oops 090426

oops 090426

Rarely worked on such a low quality edited paper. Not flattering for the author, neither for the journal.

  • On Fig.3’s legend a reference, not present in the list of references at the end of the paper:

    Top: early gradient of maternal proteins (bicoid gradient, Irionn and St Johnson, Nature 2007)

    One need some imagination to find:

    Irion U, St Johnston D., bicoid RNA localization requires specific binding of an endosomal sorting complex, Nature. 2007 Feb 1;445(7127):554-8

    and this is from figure 1(c: bcd mRNA localisation in a freshly-laid wildtype egg.), which also show the consequences of mutation on the distribution of bicoid (f: bcd mRNA localisation in an embryo derived from a vps22/lsn germline clone.) :bcdRNAdm_Fig3cte.jpg

    So, not only wrong reference but also wrong transcription of the legend, the mRNA becoming protein (hey, that’s translation! 😉 )

  • Easy to spot the typo in McGinnis’ URL (one may think) which is not “http://supe(r)fly.ucsd.edu/labs/mcginnis“. But the corresponding page is missing, anyway. Much better a reference to the paper: Kosman, D., Mizutani, C.M., Lemons, D., Cox, W.G., McGinnis, W. and Bier, E. (2004) Multiplex detection of RNA expression in Drosophila Embryos (free with registration). Science 305: 846 and a link to the paper (pdf)

  • The middle illustration, probably depicting even-skipped (blue) and fushi tarazu (brown) mRNA distribution [source] is not attributed. It should be added to the errata list.

  • 2 Responses

    1. […] Except that the gradient is not really the one of bicoid which is concentrated anterio-dorsaly (see fig. 3, upper panel), around the oocyte’s nucleus, but of bicoid, the protein, which diffuse in an […]

    2. […] page 5 confusion between mRNA and protein, typos […]

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