oops 090425

oops 090425, imaginary quotation.

Especially, he expected the forelimb of the mouse to become the wing of the bat, “by extending the bones, but without changing in any way the scaffold” [13]of Darwinian evolution, as long as all the other possible outcomes, which were not selected, are not shown.

13. C. Darwin, On the origin of species (London, Murray, 1859), Chap. XIII, all further quotations of Darwin’s work will appear in the text as (ibid., 1859), Chap. X

The first edition of Origin is available at The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online. The text of the first edition available here. Searchable.

The definition of quotation is:

a group of words taken from a text or speech and repeated by someone other than the original author or speaker

Now, with the Origin text searchable and the quotation, p3, column 1, §2, let’s play a game: find the term “scaffold” in Darwin’s text. Didn’t found it? Try harder 😀 Our physicist quoted it.

How hard is it to give a correct reference when a text is freely available? Too hard for Vincent Fleury.

Let’s extend the game taking in account the whole content of darwin-online. Ahem!

Imaginary quotations, bad stuff for a scientific paper, aren’t they?


2 Responses

  1. A guy unable to find where the “lateral plate” comes from can as well be unable to make a correct quotation, don’t you think?
    The whole paper is bad stuff, ‘esprit de corps’ courtesy probably.

    • But he can be able of quote-mining and confusion between “pattern” and “scaffold” serving teleological thinking.

      Esprit de corps courtesy really? 😀 Bad choice if so.

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