oops 090423

oops 090423

Decided to make a list of errors to send to the editor of EPJ AP. Will note here whatever I find important to correct, at least at the web accessible pdf (and maybe publish on paper as “errata”).

p17: Myllokunmigia Fengjia should be Myllokunmingia fengjiaoa

p17: Haikuichtys should be Haikouichthys


This kind of period doubling is also present in fish fins, for example Figure 20 shows a fish stained against hox genes present in limbs of tetrapods.

seems to refer to fig. 21


Fig. 21. (Color online) Left. Fish stained against Hox genes [98],…

where [98]: M.C. Davis, R.D. Dahn, N.H. Shubin, Nature 447, 473 (2007), according to Nature doi:10.1038/nature05838, don’t contain any of the elements of Fig.21, neither in the published letter or in the Supplementary information.
The photograph is available at the University of Chicago’s website and the legend is

Underside and side views of a juvenile specimen of the North American paddlefish, Polyodon spathula, stained for developing cartilage. Photo by M.C. Davis Download a high-resolution version. (1.2MB)

which seems to be the source of fig. 21
If this is the case, the legend of fig. 21 is wrong as M.C. Davis sample was stained for developing cartilage and not for Hox genes expression.
If otherwise Vincent Fleury will correct me, I hope, or at least inform the UC (contact info at the bottom of the linked page).

p21: legend of fig.21

…shows a period doubling between rays in fin folds and vertebrate count along the dorsal axis

could be “vertebrae”


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